Dogs are not just man’s best friend, but they are also cute and fun to hang around with. They are suitable for security as well as companionship purposes. And as loving and friendly as this creature is, some persons believe that they shouldn’t stay under the same roof as humans. This rule can be understandable for several reasons, including, allergies, and in the case of smaller children, protection (especially where the dogs are larger dogs).

But most other persons have considered the dog as a pet and part of the family, and they let them stay indoors. This notion is widespread as to where dogs are meant to be. To some people, these dogs are considered children to them, as they would even shower this dog with so much love.

If you want to get a dog, then one of the things to come to your mind is the space or place it would live in. In this article, we will enlist some of the best dogs for small places.

While some dogs are indoor dogs, others are more or less, outdoor dogs and thrive there excellently. From the above point, you can deduce that not all dogs are pets. Some dogs are good with big spaces; for instance, your living room is the right place your dog can play in, while in some instances, some other dogs thrive in smaller places. For those who want dogs that do well in small places, here is a list of dogs for you

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is one of the picks of dogs that can go well in small places. In size, they are small (and they have this fluffy mane on their head, which makes them rather cute), and the highest they can grow is one foot. They are very energetic dogs, and they are notorious for their energy splurge, and they convert this energy to play. In other that you don’t develop dog zombies out of your Bichon Frise, you would need to put their energy in good use by playing with them regularly. Their size means a small room to play in.

The Boston Terrier

This breed of dog is also excellent at thriving in small places. They grow as tall as one foot and makes it the ideal dog to get if it’s playing space would be restricted. The Terriers are also energetic dog and get easily psyched, so you would need to play with the dogs for them to active regularly. A stroll in the evening is enough to burn down the excess energy. So you can enjoy the maximum joy this dog has to give, you would have to give it proper exercise.


I’m sure you must have noticed by now that most of the dog’s name start with “B.” Well, added to that list, is the Bulldog.

Bulldogs are naturally the laziest dogs on the planet, of all the dogs. They are adorable dogs, irrespective of the fact that they are termed lazy. Bulldogs have both the large size and the small sizes, and the small sized dogs can barely grow up to 18 inches. The fact that they are not so excited is what makes them the perfect dogs for small spaces.

French Bulldogs

While the Bulldogs mentioned above could be British or American, the French bulldogs are entirely different from its cousins. They are more energetic than regular bulldogs and are excellent watchdogs. They have made a reputation for being night watchdogs. The dogs don’t bark anyhow; they bark for a reason, and when they do so, it shows that something is up, and you should probably check it out or call the proper authorities if need be. The dog is a good pet, and they are conducive for small spaces. They are gentle creatures and need only a little walk to leave them happy.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Dogs are naturally loyal, but this breed of dog is perhaps the most loyal all the breeds of dog on this planet. All they (the dogs) love to do the most is spending time with their owner; they love belly rubs and lots of hugs and kisses; they are true love snatchers. Because they spend so much time with their owner, the dogs have successfully made it to the list of dogs that can stay in small areas. House training this breed can be something, but they eventually learn some house rules. This breed also is less likely to cause you so many problems since they love to stay close to their owners.


Another name of this dog is the Velcro dog, and they are known are being fond of and close to their owners. They prefer to be indoors with their owners rather than outdoor, playing or doing something else. Their disposition and size make them appropriate in this category of dogs for small places. Despite being a stalky pet, they are also notorious for being full of energy. This energy makes them play regularly, and it gets even funnier when they have the right company with them (either their owner or other pets). This breed of dogs doesn’t grow so tall, which makes them the perfect dogs for small places.


Pomeranians are yet another excellent choice of dogs for small places. Cute is an understatement, and beautiful would be mincing word, but these are the attribute you could use to describe this dog. Even though this dog is so small and cuddly, they have an unusual energy surge in them and can go on for hours playing. They look like little teddy bears, and those eyes can make you want to attach them to your body forever. But these dogs are not like that; they are not the type that always craves the attention and desire to be with their owns all the time. Even when you leave the dogs for hours, they don’t mind that you’re not there. So leaving them at home and going to work should not scare you; they are right where they are.

Getting the right dog that would not only be accepted by your family (if you have one), but also fit into your home, is ideal as you would not want to get a dog that loves its space, to be choked up in a small part, and which with time, would turn into zombie dogs. I hope you found this list of best dogs for small places useful.