Is your bathroom looking pale, or is it in need of a bit of remodeling but you don’t have the funds to make it look fabulous? For most people, making their bathroom look good, may pose some financial difficulty. Most often than not, when you’re taking a tour around your home, you less often than you should, talk about your bathroom. The most you’d do when asked about your bathroom is to point to where it is and move on because you know what it looks like. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong about just pointing to where your bathroom is, but you might also want to take out time to make your bathroom look stylish (that’s the point I’m getting at).

Just so you know, there is a tendency that when someone enters your home, they most likely would want to use your bathroom, and if the find the bathroom looking, well, not like the way you would want it to look, (say like have some urine stains on the walls, no tissue holder or soap in the dispenser), it doesn’t matter if the bathroom is clean or not, they may cringe. Which is why Remodeling your bathroom is a wise decision; even for you, because at the end of the day, you find yourself in the bathroom, (when finding peace of mind and solitude).

The truth is, whether you want to upgrade a room or change the look in your bathroom, they are ways you can do it without having to spend so much.  

So here are some ideas on how you can refurbish your bathroom, on a budget


For most persons, painting is a rather easy task. It is also one of the easiest ways to give your bathroom a new look. Also, smaller bathrooms are usually a problem for people, but with the right color of paint, you can make the bathroom look a lot larger. One thing you should know is that all colors elicit a kind of feeling, so whether it be a dramatic red or a cool white, there is always that feeling attached to it. So with the right color, you can make your bathroom look so colorful. Painting is definitely one of the things to consider when Remodeling your bathroom.

There is no rule regulating how to change the colors of your home, it all boils down to personal taste, but since space is up for consideration, the color scheme should be scrutinized. Ask yourself, “what mood would I want to generate?” Maybe, a relaxing mood (like the laid back rhythm), or do you want a mood that alerts your senses for your morning routines (like an alarming-clock hue). One thing you should understand is that painting doesn’t just change the look; it also elicits some mood. But basically, you would need a bright color in your bathroom, that makes the place look warmer and friendlier.

Give your mirror an upgrade

For every taste, every design, even season, there is a mirror that complements that taste, design or season. You may think to yourself “isn’t a regular mirror just fine?” Yes, it is, but you can also spice things up a bit, but according to your budget. However, If you don’t have a mirror in your bathroom, then it is advisable that you put one there; it has a way of making the room look bigger than it is. For those who have a mirror in the bathroom, it would not be wise to take it out and get a new one, or you could just put a new frame on the old mirror to give it a new look, depending on your budget.

Just like art, mirrors could be grouped, or they could stand on their own. Be careful when hanging the mirror; try to hang it in an area where it can reflect the room’s beauty. If you’re looking for a kind of look, you could make a mirror gallery that makes the room look adorable. Exploring the mirror arrangement in your bathroom is something you can take relish in, as they ensure that you have a right look for your room.

Re-grout the tiles in the bathroom

This subheading deals basically, with refurbishing. Tiles last long in a room, which would mean that there is no need to replace them. All you have to do is clean them. But you can’t say the same thing for the grout (the adhesive used to hold the tiles together). With time, the grout begins to crumble, and they even get stained, making the floors look dirty, even after you’ve cleaned it. Also, when this grout begins to crumble, they begin to leak, which may end up affecting the integrity of the tiles, making them unstable on the ground. What the re-grouting does is to make the tiles look refreshed. The entire process is quite simple. Doing it yourself will be much more economical than giving it to someone else. But be forewarned; it takes time and technique. So if you’re Remodeling your bathroom on a budget, rather than replace the entire floor, you could simply re-grout and it’ll be as good as new.

The lighting in the bathroom

Proper lighting in any room can make or mar the room, and this principle applies even to the bathroom. Incidentally, and quite regrettable, people spend lesser on lighting than on any other thing. Not only is a bathroom a functional room, but it is also now a room of solitude and peace, so you might want to consider putting some lights in the bathroom. It would mean therefore that you install different kinds of light in the room; some for functionality and the other for beauty. Also ensure that you can have natural lighting in the bathroom, to make it all the more beautiful. Lighting makes the room refreshing

Update accessories

The accessories on the bathroom play a significant role in creating the style and mood of the bathroom. It also gives the bathroom a particular kind of look. While it is essential to upgrade the shower and bath, other things still come into play when remodeling your bathroom. You begin to notice that once you update these other accessories (like the toilet seat), the room becomes cozier and it also begins to look inviting.

Making your bathroom look good is just a matter or understanding what you want because for you to get the ideal bathroom, you need to know what you want, then find the right (and affordable) tools to getting the job done; it’s not rocket science, it’s that simple.