ceiling looking higher

Do you ever feel like your home ceiling isn’t high enough, or that you’re growing too close to the ceiling, making you feel uncomfortable? Yea it happens sometimes. But when this feeling comes, what do you do about it? Do you wave it off, or do you try to find a solution for it? If looking for a solution to making your ceiling look higher is what you would want to do, then you’re reading the right article.

One of the most compelling features of a home is usually the ceiling (among-st other features), so if it is low, people know immediately that it is, making the place look small and cramped. But there are ways you can make your ceiling seem higher, giving your home that spacious look, that people love.

So I’ll give you some tips to creatively make your ceiling look higher than usual.

Playing with the paints and coloring of your home

One of the ways you can creatively make your ceiling look higher is by using the paint method. Getting an illusion of something, or “someplace,” will mean you have to play with colors. Use distinct colors that are attractive, from the previous color, that would be different when repainted. Color coordination in your living room, (or any other room you which to paint), is essential if you want to make your ceiling look higher. Make the ceiling have a brighter color from the walls, this way the ceiling wouldn’t seem like its caving in.

Try to keep the light on

This trick or technique is another way to make your ceiling look higher. When you light up the room, it makes it look more appealing and attractive. When beams of light hit a room that is empty, it will make the room, look more spacious than usual. This is an excellent trick because you can use it to making your room look more spacious and the ceiling looks higher than usual.

Try to avoid chandeliers, because the light it emits, may hit the floor as opposed to the wall light, which illuminates to the ceiling and the floor making it look higher.

Use high curtains

A basic trick that anybody can do to make his/her ceiling look higher is to use higher curtains. Most houses these days have windows that are tall, that makes the home look more attractive. These high windows also allow you to have an aerial view of the neighborhood, which is usually a beautiful scenery. Also, the high windows also will enable the air aeration in the room to be optimal, giving you fresh and clean air. Other than all these benefits, you can also use the high window for a creative purpose, and that is using a high curtain.

When you use high curtains, it creates an illusion that the home is high, meaning, therefore, that it will also create the illusion that the ceiling is also high. This way, you don’t feel cramped up.

Puts accessories on your walls

When you have an empty wall, it will be evident that your ceiling is low (for those staying in apartments with low ceilings). Also adding too many accessories or details on the wall will also make the wall looked squeezed. So what you do in this kind of situation, to make the wall look normal, as well as make the ceiling look high, is to have a few details on the wall. When you have details on the wall (not so little and not so much either), you change the appearance of the ceiling. Features include flower vases, photo frames, and even mirrors. Aim for elegance, yet simplicity.

Always go for lower furniture and cupboards

Cabinets and cupboards have a way of changing the appearance of the ceiling. So to make the ceiling look high, you would need to go for lower furniture. A tall wardrobe, for instance, would make your ceiling look low, even if the ceiling is high. But in this instance, your ceiling is small, so it would be advisable to go for lower furniture.

Go for low coaches and less furniture, because, the truth is, the more the furniture, the more cramped the room will be. The lower the furniture, the higher the ceiling will appear.

Get vertical stripes

Did you know that when someone that is short wears a vertically striped shirt, he would somehow look tall? That is precisely what happens when you use vertically striped wallpaper to decorate your walls. When you use this kind of wallpaper, it makes the ceiling appear tall. Also, a vertical striped wall, which runs from top to bottom, has a way of being the center of focus visitors walk into your home, taking the focus off the ceiling. The brightly colored striped walls also make the home simple and elegant.

Also, when you use the stripes on the wall, you will not have to add too much detail or accessories on the wall, it will complement itself, making your home look spacious and beautiful.

Be vertical in your thinking

This statement is meant figuratively. Thus, thinking vertically is a great way to make your walls look spacious, and your ceiling looks high. When you use the vertical space in your home well, you will be able to make some dramatic changes in your home. You could either shelf the walls which would run from the floor upward, and you can mount some drawers on high walls. Or if you’re the artistic kind, you could do get some good artwork and mount on your walls. By maximizing your space adequately, prudently and in a simple fashion, you end up having a lot of space in your room and pushing the ceiling higher (figuratively).

Final words

Getting your home look spacious is something that is simple to do. All you have to do is be creative, learn to maximize small space, walls, wardrobes and even the furniture you keep on the floor. It is not as easy as it sounds, so if you feel you can’t do it, you can look for something online, like the “ways to maximize small home space.” When you apply some of the tips given above, you might be on your very way of making your ceiling look higher