3 Things A Houston Maid Service Recommends You Clean On A Weekly Basis

As a homeowner, cleaning your house is probably second nature by now and whilst it probably doesn’t take a lot to get much accomplished these days as far as cleaning is concerned, there is the possibility that there are areas or objects that are not getting as much attention as others. But that’s okay; there’s no need to be too hard on yourself. After all, you can only do so much as an individual given how demanding your work schedule may probably be. Whatever the case may be, never settle for the clutter and mess when you can take a load off your back by scheduling a home cleaning with a Houston maid service that rides on the wheels of quality and integrity. Also know that whilst there are a few things you could probably leave off the weekly cleaning schedule a bit, there are some possessions that regardless of how occupied you are should be cleaned as regularly as possible. Do read on to find out our pick of 5 items you should be cleaning regularly and 2 you should be cleaning less often.

Your Kitchen Sink

You may not be in agreement with this but your kitchen sink should be cleaned every day. Of all the fixtures in the house, the kitchen sink is the only one likely to have the greatest concentrations of microorganisms. Of course, you do know the reason for this don’t you? With dirty dishes, foodstuff, and hands being washed constantly in the kitchen sink, cleaning it daily with an all-purpose cleaner should not be on top of your agenda.

Your Bathmat

You bath mat should be cleaned every week or even less. Chances are that you use your bathroom very often for daily showers and this means that in between uses, your bath mat isn’t going to get fully dried as they are up against the floor in a damp space. This means that as long as your bathmat isn’t well cleaned and dried, mold and bacteria are free to thrive. Make sure to dry your bath mat thoroughly after washing which should be done on warm or hot settings.

Your Carpet

Vacuuming your carpet or rugs will not only improve their appearance, but will help keep dust and allergens far from you. The number of times you should vacuum every week should be tied somewhat to the number of inhabitants in a space. So if you are the only one who occupies your bedroom, it should probably be vacuumed once a week. Other areas like the hall where lots of people are likely to gather everyday should probably be vacuumed every day.

Your Refrigerator

Depending on how much/little cleaning you do, your refrigerator should be cleaned weekly or monthly. Once a week, you may wipe clean spills or sticky spots found in the fridge in addition to wiping down the door and handles of the refrigerator with detergent and a warm cloth. Once a month, you may also remove every shelf within the fridge to empty them of anything that’s expired and clean them out.

2 Things You Might Be Cleaning Too Often

Your Jeans

This may sound a bit shocking but your jeans should be cleaned every four to five years. Whilst this is important given how frequent washing changes the color and fit of jeans, you can also wash them every two to six months depending on badly they start to smell or dirty they start to appear.

Your Bras

You should probably wash your bras after every 5 to 7 wears. If you don’t perspire excessively, you may even wear it for longer periods before washing. This helps extend the lifespan of the bra as constant washing lessens the support it gives by stretching it out

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