Clean your homes air

Did you know that you can harbor toxic air in your home? Yes. The air is so filled with microorganisms that even when you feel your home is clean, there are still some germs flying around. Now many of you might feel that the air in your home is always clean, and although this may be the case, it is not always so. Air pollution doesn’t just happen outside, it can happen in your home as well, although it is not as severe as the outdoor air pollution.

Don’t get agitated; you’re safe at home, it’s not as though the polluted air in your home can kill you, but it can cause severe damage in the long run. One way in which your home can get polluted is through dust and dirt and fur, and all other allergens that you may not be able to see with the bare eye, but still in harmful. These things can make the air in your home polluted and even hazardous.

You may be wondering how there is so much allergen in your home? Well, the answer is simple; other than the dust and dirt that comes in as a result of walking in the home with shoes and dirty laundry, other things cause pollution in your home. For instance, when you seal some air spaces in your home (so the heat can remain, especially in the cold season), the aeration clean air at home might be compromised. What happens is that lack of air lets dust settle in your home, which then makes the air contaminated, therefore making it unfit. Now that you know some of the resultant effects of pollution in your home, how about you also get to know ways to purify and cleanse your home.

Consider Opening the Windows During the Day

Other than the fact that daylight is right for you, especially when you’re at home, opening the windows also helps to purify your home. Opening the window is probably the best way to take out the bad air and let your home be buzzing with clean, fresh air. You should know that windows are pathways for the air to cross ventilated, so a properly windowed home has a very high probability to be clean in the air.

Although the light from the windows can brighten your home, it is also instructive to know that it is best to shut the windows when it is windy, you do not want the dust and dirt to get back in. So shut your window when it becomes windy.

Fireplaces Should Be Avoided

According to Ruth Weaver, a professional housecleaner based in Katy, Texas one other thing you should probably avoid is the fireplace. Yes, it might be a romantic and charming idea to light up your fireplace at night, but men are it also a dangerous idea. When you burn wood, you release some toxins into the air, in your home, that can be very toxic when they invade your lungs; they end up interfering with the functionality of your lungs, for instance, breathing. Also, the smoke from the fireplace can be injurious as well. So my advice would be to avoid using the fireplace, especially at night, when you have no means of ventilation

Dispose of Your Garbage Properly and One Time

Waiting for who will take out the trash could not only be exhausting, but it could also be detrimental. You should know that the garbage does not hold clean things, so not only will it ooze out a pungent smell, it also contaminates the air, which could, in the long run, cause health problems. It is therefore very imperative that you cultivate the habit of always taking out the trash in due time, so your home can remain air clean. The best routine for taking out your trash would be daily, this way, the rotten food inside don’t contaminate the air.

Always Vacuum Your Home and Do it The Right Way

There are ways to vacuum your home, but not all ways are the right way. So it essential that you know the right way to vacuum your home. When you vacuum your home, you will aim to take off the debris and dust from the ground. So when you vacuum, there is a tendency that you might raise the dust, which might end up settling on the surfaces of your furniture, so it is essential that you know just how to vacuum your home. When you vacuum your home, to do it properly, the best thing to do is to move the vacuum slowly. Being fast and vigorous only ends up raising dust. Also vacuum your home twice a week instead of all the time. And also endeavor to empty the bag after you’re done the vacuuming.

Use air purifiers to maintain clean air at home

Another way of cleaning the air in your home is by using purifiers. Air is continuously polluted, and this goes for indoor air as well. Now, this doesn’t call for an alarm, but if you are indeed worried about the air you breathe indoors, then you might as well get indoor purifiers, to help cleanse the air in your home. The air purifier is specially designed to collect the contaminant in the air, thereby making the air clean and fresh for inhalation. So by purifying the dust and dirt in the air, the air purifier makes the home clean and safe to live in.

Avoid any toxic chemicals in your home

Toxic chemicals like bug spray should be minimally used. When you use these sprays, they produce toxic substances, which might not be right for you. When you use sprays like this, it is vital that you find a way of clearing the air, after the bug spray has done it work. If you go into the house while the spray is still lingering in the air, then you might just be putting yourself in harm’s way. Many people might think that using pesticides is the best way to get rid of insects, but the truth is, there are other ways of getting rid of the pest, so always ensures that pesticides are the last things on your mind

Test your home for radon gas

Ensure that you test your home, once in a while for radon gas. Radon gas is odorless gas, which is very dangerous when inhaled. This gas is the second leading cause of cancer right after smoking cigarettes. Since this gas is found in soil, there is an excellent possibility that it might be in your home (seeing that all homes stand on soil). It is therefore pertinent to test for the gas periodically.

Final words

Having proper aeration and clean air at home takes a lot of deliberate efforts. It takes a lot of right living cultivating healthy habits. If you want to have a consistently clean home, then you might want to do the things listed above. It would also help to have small houseplants in your home, they also help to cleanse the air, plus they beautify the home.