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Our homes are our places of Zen. The only place I feel comfortable when I am sick is my home. And in my bed. I hate hospitals. I hate hospital food and I hate the smell. So I try not to get sick as much as possible. That influenced my lifestyle. Good eating habits, regular exercises, and a clean home. I like the floor clean. At home, I don’t wear any slippers or sandals. My feet are always on the floor. Find the best Cleaning company around.

Thing is, I hate to clean myself. That’s why the maid I chose is one of the critical decisions I have to make. So who is a good maid?

Clear, Clean and Cultured. My Three C Policy in choosing a maid. A good maid clearly understands my instructions. She is like any of my employees but on a more personal level. She knows my basic likes and dislikes. My maid has to be clean. Like I said, the home is a place of Zen, it’s a temple in which we live our lives and feel the protection only a home can give us. It has to keep spick and span. And last but not the least she must be cultured. She might meet friends, family and occasionally business associates in my home and therefore a certain level of manners go a long way to give her extra points. So how do I know if a maid or a cleaning company is good for me? When the job is too much for one person then it’s obviously time to hire professional cleaning outfit to do the job. So what do we need to look for in a cleaning outfit?

Find a Professional Cleaning Company

Most cleaning outfits charge an hourly rate for the initial visits, but may also charge by the project, or by the number of employees needed. The first thing to do is get the cleaning outfit to provide an estimate on how long it will take to do the job. You need to negotiate for a flat rate for each subsequent visit depending on the condition of your property, needs and how often the property needs servicing. Find out if the cleaning company does background checks on their employees and demand that only people with clean backgrounds should be allowed on your project.

When getting a cleaning company, make sure that they are insured against theft, breakages and the likes so that you have peace of mind. You should also inform the cleaning company of properties and items in the house that needs special care. There are issues of accessibility to the property, pets, family members and other things that need discussing before the cleaning company begins work.

Ready Set Maids have been involved in the business of home cleaning services for a long time and has become a trusted partner in Houston, Texas.  Having provided professional maid services for the area, it’s not just a business, it’s a family that knows its clients and accepts them as a part of a larger family. If you live in the area, give them a call.

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