Organizing weekly chores

Home cleaning can be a daunting task especially for people with busy schedules. One important alternative however to having to clean your home yourself is to hire the services of a Houston home cleaning service provider. In some cases, you may not be too keen on letting a stranger into your home yet need a way to get the cleaning done fast and in simple steps.
Well, like most people who hate home cleaning, the key to having a clean home is to view the cleaning process first as a whole, then break it down into bits that can be handled daily. Below are some of the tips on how to break down the cleaning process in such a way that you not only enjoy it but have enough time left to relax from the day’s busy schedule.


When aiming to keep your home spanking clean and healthy, it is important to create a list of areas within the home that needs cleaning and then split the cleaning into a daily affair thus allowing you enough time to concentrate on the area of the home which you have chosen to primarily take care of for the day.

A typical list may include floor sweeping as a daily routine which means you either choose to sweep the floor every morning or late at night after dinner while making sure to vacuum when needed. It is however important to note that the sweeping or vacuuming does not have to be a full-on attempt, instead, one aimed at getting rid of the dust, debris and dirt in areas where necessary within the home.


Taking into consideration that Mondays can be a bit of a rush day, you may be unable to get to as much cleaning of the home as possible. Upon return from work on Mondays, you may choose to take on a few item replacement tasks by putting items which were left on the counters back into the cabinet and where they belong


Tuesdays are less stressful and in most cases, not as stressful as the previous day, Monday, and as such, you should decide to up your home cleaning game by dusting around the house.


Less busy compared to your Tuesday we hope, you can use Wednesday’s after work period to get to the vacuuming needs of the house. Seeing as you dusted around the home on Tuesday, the dust is expected to have settled and as such, get the best vacuum cleaner that works best for your home and clean away. The essence of vacuuming the home is that the machine is designed to pick up dirt thus keeping the floors clean and the household healthy.


Following your Wednesday Vacuuming attempt, the process is incomplete without proper cleaning of the floors and as such, your Thursdays can be fashioned around thorough floor cleaning. While vacuuming and floor cleaning may have been appropriate for the same day, it is possible that you may have a hard time dealing with both cleaning processes and as such floor cleanings should be done on Thursdays. Not to worry, you will most likely not need to re-vacuum the floors before cleaning it. In the event you need to re-vacuum the floors, it is best that vacuuming and floor cleaning be done on the same day.

What does your home cleaning schedule look like? Did you make some changes to fit your home size and career demands? We will love to know how helpful this has been to you and your home in the comments section on