Microwave cleaning tip for your Katy TX Maid ServiceThe microwave is one of the most useful appliances in your home. It can prepare food and defrost it, making it vital to the function of your kitchen. Still, this doesn’t stop the fact that your microwave needs cleaning, much like any appliance or cooking apparatus in your home. In fact cleaning your home is a vital key to keeping your household healthy and your food clean. That’s why these tips from the best maid services in Katy TX can offer you the best way to clean your microwave effectively.

When cooking, warming or using your microwave, there’s a ton of accidents that can occur. These accidents can cause your food to splatter or stain along the walls of your microwave, and over time accumulate germs and harden. This not only presents a clear and present danger to your family and their health, but can make your microwave look quite unappealing.

Whether you are warming up leftovers, or microwaving popcorn, steam, heat and food can cause quite a mess inside your microwave. These stains and accidents can build up, especially on the door of your microwave and make it look disgusting. It’s not only an eyesore but can be embarrassing when you have guests over.

That’s why the best maid services in Katy TX can help you clean your home and your microwave fast. Having a comprehensive team that is both professional and effective gives you the best chance at a clean kitchen and a spotless house. Not only will you love to use your microwave again, but your family will enjoy fresh, clean and healthy food.

The best maid services Katy TX can provide your household with the cleaning services you need for a clean microwave and a kitchen. When you have a mess in your microwave, or you are expecting guests for an event, use these cleaning tips to get your microwave spotless. These cleaning guidelines are quick, easy to use and simple. Not only that but you’ll have a clean microwave and one that you’ll be proud to show your guests as well as use yourself.

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Cleaning tips from the best maid services Katy TX has to offer

Cleaning your microwave is one of the first things that the best maid services Katy TX can provide will do. Being able to clean your microwave is almost always easier said than done however. If you don’t clean your mess up immediately, the continued use of your microwave can cause the stains and foods to cake on. The hardened stains can cause you extreme stress, and be increasingly difficult without using harsh chemicals.

Although many of the maid services Katy TX has to offer may often choose a over the counter cleaner, there are some products that can cause your family harm. Without the proper training these chemicals can react badly with your microwave. That’s why you need the best maid services Katy TX can provide to help you through any cleaning job at hand. Of course you can use an age-old cleaning technique that many of the best maid services Katy TX has to offer also use. Here’s how to clean your microwave fast and easy below.

Cleaning your microwave – the easy way

One of my favorite, laziest methods is to take a microwavable bowl of hot water, fill it with half-cut lemons or a good dash of lemon juice and zap it at full power in the oven for about 5-10 minutes. While doing this, make sure you do not let the water boil dry! You should then find that this has effectively steam-cleaned the insides of the microwave.

The next part of the cleaning process is then to carefully take out the bowl and wipe out any of the softened food particles from inside the oven with a damp cloth. This method could not be simpler, leaves you microwave smelling fresh and, best of all, is completely non-toxic.

You can also use a bowlful of, our old friend white-vinegar as an alternative. You will be amazed how useful this stuff is for household cleaning – more on that later!

Zap this for five minutes only but make sure to avoid using malt-vinegar because this will make your oven smell truly awful after microwaving!

Popcorn Woes or How to Clean a Smoke-Damaged Microwave

We’ve all done it – that neglected little bag of instant popcorn suddenly bursts into flames, transforming the inside of your microwave into a stinky, smoky mess.

So, how do you clean it? With baking soda, of course!

Simply sprinkle the soda around the inside of the oven, and rub it in with a damp paper towel or micro-fiber cloth until the stains come out.

Finally, steam-clean the inside of the microwave using the methods explained earlier.

Though the microwave may smell for a while, the burnt-odor will eventually disappear within a month or so.

Did you find these microwave cleaning tips easy and straightforward? Or maybe you didn’t feel as though they could help you? Learn how to get the best maid services in Katy TX clean both your home and your microwave fast. When time is of the essence, and you need a cleaning crew in your home quick, look up the best maid services in Katy TX Ready SET Maids.

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