Chicago Ready Set Maids

Chicago, one of America’s largest cities is a thriving metropolis of the arts, sciences and stunning architecture.  The country’s third largest city is as diverse and cultured as it ever has been since being founded in 1833. Chicago has many wonderful attractions to draw you in from its waterfront district, historical monuments, and museums. The skyscrapers line the thriving city with famous buildings such as the Willis Tower, once the world’s tallest building to the newly built Aqua Tower built in 2009. This city calls on all of our senses while touring it.

Here are the most important reasons why this city is worth visiting and why it’s known for so many loyal locals.

  1. World Class – Leading Architecture

Chicago’s Downtown District will blow you away for many reasons. You have some novels of architecture that can be found by just walking the streets. Here you will find amazing building like the Willis Tower formerly the Sears tower and the once the tallest building in the world. The Sears Tower was designed by Designed by Bruce Graham and Fazlur Rahman Khan of Skidmore and completed in 1973.

The Chicago Cultural Centers is also another marvel to visits. This building is said to house the largest Tiffany glass dome in the entire world. You can see other design’s from famous architects like Frank Gerry’s Pritzker Pavilion, Frank L. Wright’s Robie House, Louis Sullivan’s Auditorium and the Anon Building all in just a half a day.

  1. Sports in the Windy City

Chicago is well known for its fierce sports fans. Enjoy the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field and the Bears’ NFL games at Soldier Field with the locals. You will feel the energy and muster these crowds put out for their home teams. If you are really brave then head out to a bears game in December to enjoy the blistering cold.

  1. The Museums and Art

Perhaps the most famous museum is the Natural History Museum, or otherwise known as the Field Museum. It is one of the world’s largest and best nature history museums. Along with this gem of the city you will also find a host of other museums with artifact’s, drawings, and masterpieces of early or even ancient history, politics, art and science. Chicago has you covered from head to toe with any art interest one can think of.

  1. Food

You can’t visit Chicago and not eat Chicago-style pan pizza. Giordanos on 730 N Rush St. is one of the most famous and delicious you’ll ever have. But Chicagoan’s love more than just pizza. They love Mexican, Polish, Vietnamese and all Italian dishes as well. So be sure that you are planning your food trips as well as your site seeing equally as well. Don’t forget that you may want to burn some extra calories before visiting.

  1. Culture

Chicago is a cultural melting post of different ethnicity’s, arts, music and traditions. There is never a shortage of blues rhythm in the city or a lack of entertainment from this famous port city. A perfect day in visiting this city would include great sights, great food and great music. The city is welcoming and friendly to all visitor and those just passing thru.

So you are probably  ready to visit this grand city. Have fun and take this Chicago Travel Guide.

Top Attractions in Chicago

Chicago is a world class city to visit with all the trappings of a significant financial and cultural hub. Want shopping they have you covered with multiple shopping districts. Love art and artifacts then hit up the museum districts. The streets are alive, the parks are beautiful and there are plenty of family activities. Have a look this guide and pick out some of the must see sights which include:

  • Millennium Park

Millennium Park or Chicago 2000 is a millennium place holder which commemorates the start of the new millennium. Found inside the Chicago Loop this park receives millions of new and returning visitors each year. Van Gogh, Renoir, and Monet are just a few of the impressively famous masters that you can see. Most visitors come to see the “the bean” better known as the Could Gate and Crown Fountain. It is one of the top destinations for tourists to visit in the entire Midwest.

  • Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute is one of USA’s oldest art museums and it is a heavyweight. You’ll find some of the most impressive collections of post-impressionist and impressionist from various cultures, artists and backgrounds. There you can view an expansive 300,000 pieces of art from around the world in its permanent collections. This vast collection has earned the institute high praises for art enthusiasts. You can see European armor to 13th thru 20th century interior furnishings and much more. The Art Institute of Chicago also has traveling exhibitions which you can coordinate with your visit to the city.

Have an adventure finding pieces from Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso, George Seurat and others. The popular institute hangs its head high will millions of visitors from all across the globe each year.

  • Magnificent Mile

The Magnificent Mile is a leading commercial district specializing in the finer things in life. You can do you window shopping in this upscale, busy street in Chicago. There are many classy designers shops, hip and cool restaurants and of course, luxury fashion to be had. The Chicago Four Seasons and Chicago Water Tower are Amount the streets residents. If you love the high-end lifestyle this is a street you will feel most at home on day or night.

  • Museum of Science and Industry

The Museum of Science and Industry pay homage to the Chicago’s roots of innovation and pioneering. There are over 35,000 hands on exhibits to help spawn your creativity. In 1893 it housed the World Colombian Expositions which brought together Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison who were competing to prove if direct current or alternating current was more effective. This Museum if also the largest science center in the Western Hemisphere boasting a full-sized coal mine, the Apollo 8, and a German submarine. The Museum is a bit out of the loop but visitor’s say it is well worth the trip.

  • Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field opened its doors in 1914 making it one of the oldest baseball parks in America. Home to the Chicago Cubs, Wrigley Field has an unusual wind patterns which was inspired form the Great Lakes. Interestingly enough, Chicago is mistaken called the “Windy City” because many think it’s windy from the Great Lakes, when the in reality the nick name was earned from the “long winded” speeches politicians would give back in the day. Visiting this filed will bring you back to what Americana feels like with its authentic hand operated score-board to its big red marquee entrance. So grab a game, a hot dog and relax.

  • The Chicago Architecture River Cruise

One of the best ways to see the Architecture of Chicago’s skyline is by River. You will have amazing views and rich history to sink into when you get on the Chicago Architecture River Cruise. The Wrigley Building can be seen along with other notable giants like the Fulton House and Leon Burnett Building. You can grab a cruise from Wandella or Chicago Line Cruises and enjoy a truly pictures’ experience.

Many visitors remark that it’s a great time for a couple to get away for the kids while fitting some romance in their trip.

  • The Field Museum

The Field Museum is a behemoth of natural history museums not just in Chicago but the entire world. The Museum boasts a 42 feet long and 58 teeth T. rex named Sue which is a must see for the kids. They also house a three story replica of an Egyptian tomb with interactive elements of life on the Nile. The Museum also offers lesson on sustainability thru hands on interactions which are great for children. You should know however that it make take several house to go thru and see everything.

There are exhibits of artifacts from several eras of human history spanning multiple locations. We should mention that past and current cultures exhibits can be a learning experience for not just the young but people of all ages and from all places. The entrance of the Field Museum is like a gigantic palace that a Greek god would live in. So snap a pic of yourself before you head in.

  • Lincoln Park Zoo

This sprawling zoo is over 25 acres long and is one of the oldest in America at over 150 years old. Yep, founded in 1868 the Lincoln Park is a free zoo with various animal species. The location is great allowing visitors to go to the park, lake and the conservatory all in one trip. You can take an African Journey or visit the Farm-in-Zoo ore checkout out the Primate house. Worry not if you like big cats or hair and cuddly creatures like bears, they have them too. For the aquatic fans can see the penguins and sea lions lounging playing in their pools. Bring snacks for you and the family or even a picnic for a fun packed day. Oh check out the burr oak tree

  • Chicago Crime Tours

Al Capone and John Dillinger are two famous crime names that come to mind when you hear about the Windy City. If you are a crime aficionado or just want something different you should consider a Chicago Crime Tour. Past visitors has mentioned how great the staff on is and how cool the bus is on a hot summer day. You can ride the bus or walk famous gangster’s sites throughout the city in the 19th century. Oh, did we mention that the walking tour has pizza as well.

  • 360 Chicago Observation Deck

If you want an amazing view of Chicago and see for 55 miles then this is your spot. The Chicago Observation Deck offers one of the best and tallest views of the city’s skyline.  Formerly known as the John Hancock Observatory, you can use on screen guides in your panorama to assist you to identify landmarks. This attraction is not for the faint of heart as you can checkout out Chicago Tilt. This room is mechanized and tilts you to different views of the city. It is a rush for sure and something you will always remember in your lifetime.

  • Chicago Cultural Center

The Chicago Cultural Center is yet another legacy Chicago Building that is over 120 years old that was built in 1897. The center is America’s first free municipal-cultural center that serves the city’s official reception setting and hosts a comprehensive arts center. It is also the Chicago Children’s Choir head office. You can see performing arts, visual arts in over 1,000 exhibition programs. Like many of the city’s

Chicago is a city that serves many with its varied attractions. You can take the whole family and not spend every dollar that you have. If you want to live in luxury when you visit there are many options for you to choose from.

Where to Eat

If you like Greek, Mexican, Polish, Chinese, Italian, American foods then Chicago is your city. You can get great deep-dish pizza and world famous street hot dogs to the very posh chef renowned bites. If you visit Chinatown or Greek town you can get some really authentic and local food. From street food to local sandwich shops there is something for everyone. Many places offer infused cultural dishes and frankly, just some really great food you may have never had or cannot find elsewhere.

You are going to find an abundance of food outlets to choose from in Chicago. You have street stand food, food trucks, traditional restaurants, and the very high-end super expensive options. There are all sorts of genres of food to choose from as well. If you want celebrity-owned spots you can have to on your plate as well. It’s all in what you are craving for your culinary delights. Let’s check out some places to eat and drink.

  • Portillo’s

When you think of Chicago and food you think of Pizza and hot dogs. This restaurant serves up good old greasy Italian beef and Chicago-style street food you’ll ever have. They are located at 100 W Ontario S, Chicago, IL 60610 and are busy all day long.

  • Birrieria Zaragoza

Located at 4852 S Pullaski Rd, Chicago, IL 60632 Birrieria Zaragoza will serve you one or four of the best tacos you will have ever eaten. They have been hailed for the best tack in the county time and time again. It’s take out early and closes when they run out early evening so don’t waste time getting in line.

  • Band of Bohemia

You can find Band of Bohemia at 4710 N Ravenswood Ave, Chicago, IL 60640 in a Victorian-inspired location. This is a Michelin-starred brewpub serving up Five-star dishes. The beer is brewed on site and paired with dishes for a one and only experience. For those on a budget visit them at lunch time for their tasting menu.

  • Honey Butter Fried Chicken

Who doesn’t love fried chicken? You find some of the best at Honey Butter Fried Chicken at 3361 N Elston Ave, Chicago, IL 60618. When you sink your chicken into the honey butter you are going to be hooked. You find it busy at lunch and dinner time but you will also find it cozy all whilst being fast. You may also want to try and catch some of the specials that are created by well-known professional’s guest chefs.

  • Alinea

Alinea can be found at 1723 N Halstd St, Chicago, IL 60614. It is a three-Michelin-starred and No. 15 on the world’s top 50 Best list. People from all over the world come to this 10-year old Lincoln Park institutional icon. The dishes change often on menus and you can plan on having an emotional, interactive and, expensive experience when you visit. If you plan to visit don’t just show up. Make sure that you call to reserve your table in advance. You may also want to brace yourself for the delectable courses which can go up to 20 courses.

  • Au Cheval

Both a “hipster diner” and what’s been called the best burger in the country can be found on in the West Loop at 800 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60607. If you love sandwiches and drinks and never ending dinner lines this is your spot. But there are lines for a reason. People all across the world come to this city just to have a burger here. So pull up your man bun and cook bottle glasses and devour that burger my friend.

  • Pequod’s Pizza

Any visitor to the Windy City should experience the Chicago-style thick-crust cheese pizza. The caramelized crust of this thick and doughy pizza is a local favorite. Pequod’s pies have been served to the locals for years ad is technically a pan pizza. So it’s not a thick but farm more locals respect this cheesy marvel. You can get the thin style curst as well at both of their locations in Lincoln Park and Morton Grove when you visit at 2207 N Clybourn Ave, Chicago, IL 60614.

Hotel’s in the Windy City of Chicago

From ultra-contemporary to Victorian posh, Chicago has the neighborhood that suits you. Let take a look at what they include:

Hyde Park Hotels

Hyde Park is an affluent neighborhood located on the city’s southern end along the lakefront. Many well-known icons have stayed in Hyde Park including President Barrack Obama, Muhammad Ali, Oprah, Jennifer Hudson and more. The University of Chicago rests in this Victorian esc neighborhood that is great for taking a walk. You can enjoy the streets in the shade from all of the trees and grab some food while strolling by a food stand or truck.

Here are just a few of the great hotels you can relax in while enjoying this neighborhood:

  • The Chicago Lake-Shore Hotel – If you like free Wi-Fi, parking and shuttles service then this hotel is the one for you. It sits just a walk away from the sandy beaches which you can enjoy at any time. If you are visiting in the summer you have nice cool air and jumbo beds to sit back in and enjoy a great movie on cable TV. If you get hungry there is a nice restaurant in the hotel to go eat or have in room service.
  • Sophy Hyde Park – Situated in Hyde Park near the University of Chicago and the museum of Science and Industry, Court Theater and Robie House makes this hotel a great choice. You can work out in their fitness center and concierge services if needed. All the rooms have mini bars, flat screen TVs and premium bedding. Oh, and of course coffee makers in all of the rooms.

The Loop

The Loop is an energetic downtown Chicago neighborhood. Like many of the city’s neighborhoods it offers many lots to do. You can take in a show at the theaters, see art at the galleries and go museum trekking. You can even feel small with some many gigantic buildings that you can walk among. The looming skyscrapers of Chicago’s skyline are all around your in this neighborhood. Many travelers have this spot as a must see when they visit.

Here are the Hotel accommodations for the weary yet, excited traveler:

  • Virgin Hotels Chicago – This hotel is the number on rated hotel in The Loop. It is one of the newer hotels opening in 2015 and you guessed it.  Richard Branson launched this hotel with a unique concept. This hotel has got a big bang for visitors. Not only do you have two on-site restaurants, but you can also dance you tail off. Before you go off on your fun loving day you can get a workout in on the 25th floor fitness center.

Speaking of getting ready, the rooms a lavish equipped with its fun and fashionable decor as well as customer, patent pending beds. You can use the foot boards on the beds to watch TV or work. When you are ready you can use your “dressing room” with its own vanity and retire to the “sleeping lounge” when you are ready.

  • The Silversmith Hotel – Stay in the heart of the loop at Chicago’s #5 Best Hotel. You will be close to Millennium Park, the Chicago Theater, The Art institute of Chicago and a whole heck of a lot more. You can also walk one mile to Magnificent Mile for some credit card melting good time. Guests love that the hotel is close to great eateries ranging from high end steaks to down to earth pizza. This is where the action is in The Loop.

Lincoln Park

If you haven’t heard of Lincoln Park than where have you been? This area of Chicago has a youthful and enthusiastic energy about it. Many kids visit for the Lincoln Park Zoo, and there new graduates from college as well as newly enrolled students.  Many of them also take their fashion seriously sporting their skinny jeans, coke bottle glasses all whilst strutting past the St. Michael’ Church.

So if you want to be among young and fashionable energy this is your spot to stay and here are our recommendations:

  • Hotel Lincoln – Unfortunately this is the only hotel we would recommend at the moment in Lincoln Park. You will likely enjoy the quietness of this space in nicely fashioned rooms. You can also get your hands on seasonal bike rentals which are free. One great feature is The J. Parker restaurant on the hotels roof. Have a nice drink and overlooking the panoramic park make this one very special stay.

Magnificent Mile

Hilton Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel Chicago, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and more line Michigan Avenue from Lake Shore Drive and Chicago River. This is the luxurious uber-high-end of Chicago. You can easily shop till you drop and max out all your credit cards in this neighborhood. Got a taste for something expensive? Well, there are no shortages of expensive restaurants as well. You can also take a stroll and enjoy the amazing eclectic architecture including the longest standing structure on the street the water tower.

So here are our high end recommendations:

  • Four Seasons Hotel Chicago – This hotel is the heavyweight of Chicago hotel life. Central to everything in an unmatched location. You can enjoy a great fitness center and get a soul relaxing massage afterwards. This hotel is opulent in décor and guest satisfaction. When you stay here it is a time to splurge. So go for the view of the lake when you book your room.
  • Waldorf Astoria – This is a fashionistas hotel located on East Walton. It is a beautiful hotel both in elegant décor to its in room amenities like double vanities and fireplaces. You can also claim you Hilton honors rewards in this hotel. This makes for a great perk for those that want to spend their points or rack up some more points.

Near Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD)

O’Hare International Airport is one of the largest airports in America bringing people into the famous City of Chicago from all around the world on a daily basis. You can pretty much fly into this airport from anywhere in the world and depart to, anywhere in the world. Many visitors to this city like to stay near or around the airport. Business travelers also like to be near the airport as it offers an abundance of convenience.

Here are some the very best you can stay at near O’Hare:

  • Loews Chicago O’Hare Hotel – Ranked the number one hotel in the city. You have a shuttle that operates 24-hours a day. This hotel is more for the business traveler who would want to explore the city after hours via cab. Moreover there are some nice onsite treats. These include the cozy club The Montrose Room and live music. Also for a modern hotel near an airport it is by far more luxurious offering an art gallery in the bobby and friendly team members to greet you.
  • The Westin O’Hare – An indoor pool, fitness center, signature bathing amenities, Starbucks and cozy as a soft cloud beds. What more could you want from an airport hotel? You can grab a beer at the Gastro Pub and get good service at the same time. Beware however; prices are a bit higher at this hotel for internet and parking.

South Loop

When it comes to new condominiums, lofts, and overall residential development, the South Loop takes the cake. Developers and investors are all gobbling up real estate for lease or purchase. Many come to the South Loop for the Grant Park. Many large outdoor festivals and converts are held there each year. Perhaps one of the most famous festivals is the taste of Chicago. This park is known as the front yard of Chicago and it’s a must see local.

Checkout the Great Hotels in the South Loop here:

  • The Blackstone – This hotel is over 108 years old but embraces a luxurious stay. One big benefit is that it sits right across from the famous Grant Park. The guest rooms have modern decor and all the basics you would want. These include mini-fridges, flat screen TVs, coffee makers and some nice view of Magnificent Mile. You will need to pay for your internet access and some previous guests have mentioned the sound proofing is not the best.
  • Hilton Chicago – We think some might enjoy a smaller more intimate stay in the Windy City. The Wheeler Mansion only boasts 11 rooms. The rooms are a little antique posh. You have velvety plush drapes, goose-down feather beds and pillows. You will be far away from the top attractions and it is certainly not a big chain hotel. This cozy bed and breakfast style hosteling is for those you want that smaller, quaint kind of experience. It’s small, peaceful and quiet.

North Shore

This Northern part of Chicago is like many parts of the city. It is energetic with nightclubs, bars, restaurants and people of all ages and backgrounds. Staying here will certainly not be a bore for you or your family because there is so much to do here. There are plenty of entertainment to choose from including the Group Theater Tix to the Actors Gymnasium Circus and Performing Arts.

So here are some of the options of where to stay:

  • Renaissance Chicago North – Settled in Northbrook, Illinois this hotel may not be the ideal place to stay for some. This is because its 25 miles away for downtown. You will enjoy a peaceful atmosphere at some of the best rates for the hotels ranking. You have pool, internet, fitness center, on-site eateries to have more of a secluded vacation. The service has not been outstanding in the past but they seem to have been addressed.
  • The Westin Chicago North – This hotel is way outside the city at about 30 miles North to Northwest of the downtown. If you are flying into O’Hare International  Airport then it is only 15 miles away. You can enjoy a posh stay in the greenery of the Potawatomi Woods all while being on one of Chicago’s wealthier neighborhoods. Many business executives choose this location for its pristine accommodations and the access to fine dining. You have ample parking, all the expected room perks and you can claim your Marriott Rewards.

West Loop

This neighborhood is all about that famous Chicago feeling. You are going to have access to the pizza only know to Chicago, their Chicago-style hot dogs, Greek town and Little Italy. So be prepared to do a food crawl when you stay in this neighborhood because you will not want to be shy about eating when you visit. One of the best Greek restaurants to try is the Greek Islands Restaurant while you are there. Big portion and savory goodness.

So here is where to stay in the West Loop after you get your fill:

  • Homewood Suites By Hilton West Loop Chicago – This is one of our favorite brands to stay at mainly because of their consistency and their awesome beds. You will enjoy and upscale, smoke-free stay with a kitchen in very suite. The free hot breakfast buffet is more than just the basics and you can bring your pets along. The parking is a little pricey at $35 per night but its well worth the accommodations that are offered. This is a great place for a family to stay especially those with kids attending the University of Illinois Chicago due to its proximity to the University.
  • Soho House Hotel Chicago – This is a luxury hotel that offers a great outdoor swimming pool. There is a nice restaurant and lounge to kick back in after those long days of seeing the city. Parking is $44 per night however Wi-Fi is free.

So there you have it. These are some of the fantastic places to stay in Chicago. Don’t forget you can also Airbnb your place there if you want a more homely neighborhood stay.

Chicago Visitors Transportation Guide

You will want to know your options of getting around in this city that always has traffic. In fact we suggest that you rent or hire whenever you visit especially if you are on business. You can sit in traffic for a long time and you may not want to waste that time.

  1. UBER – If you already have an UBER account they may be a good option for you if you are staying further out of downtown. The company operates all across the city and is good for business travelers who want to maximize working while commuting. Be sure and ask you UBER driver about the good places to eat that only the locals know about.
  2. On Foot or Bike It – if you are staying downtown you should consider walking to your destinations. There is a much to see, smell and eat walking downtown. You can even rent bikes at Bike and Roll at 239 E Randolph St.
  3. By Train & Bus – Chicago is a big city and the public transportation is a great option for getting to places a little further out than you may want to walk or bike. Only use systems that are operated by the Chicago Transit Authority as they tend to be more secure for non-locals. You won’t find this option terribly expensive so go for it.

It is more than likely you will use a combination of all of these services when you visit. More health conscious visitors to the city use more walking and biking options to stay fit as there is plenty to eat while visiting.

Visiting Chicago in Each Season of the Year

Chicago is beautiful and fun anytime of the year that you choose to visit. There are numerous activates and festivals to do in each season of the year. You can bask in the rich sun of summer, float in the gorgeous fall colors, see life come alive in all the neighborhoods in the spring or live your winter adventure. Let’s dig into some highlights of what to do in each season while visiting:

  1. Winter

If you are traveling from another country and want to see how America celebrates Hanukah and Christmas you have found one of the best examples there is. Also if you just love the Holidays this is your spot. If you love Christmas lights you will want to visit The Magnificent Mile Lights Festival. This festival has 250 trees adorning more than one million lights. Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse lead the procession and finishes with a huge fireworks display over the Chicago River.

City of Chicago Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony is another special event you will want to visit at Millennium Park. The 60 feet evergreen tree will be a sight for the Christmas soul. When you are done there head over to the Winter Wonderfest at Navy Pier that runs from November 30th, the January 6th.  This is the biggest and best indoor playground. Ice skating, Ferris wheel and hug inflatable slides cover 170,000 square feet. The place is a wonderland with huge snowflakes, 400 plus evergreens in Christmas trim, snowmen and all things you would expect from a winter wonderland.

You will also have a chance to enjoy all the snow and the activities like skiing, building snow men and having snow ball fights.

  1. Spring

Spring is a great time to visit Chicago for dusting off your running shoes, you bikes and prepare to dine outside. There are many music festivals to choose from while visiting. You may get overwhelmed by how much there is to do because there is so much. You have the Ravinia Festival, House Music Festival, Chicago Blues Festival and so much more.

If you like the art the Logan Square Arts Festival offers a variety of this community focused fest. The gardens are great to see and the museums are terrific to walk to. Mainly there is something for families and couples alike from food, to parks and a whole lot of music.

  1. Summer

Vacationers peak in the summer and everything seems to be just a little more pricier when you visit in the summer. Hey we can’t blame them. With the lake effect wind summers here are downright perfect. It not to humid and makes for great outdoor vacationing. There is a tremendous amount of places to walk to in the city so the weather becomes a big plus. Many festivals and outdoor activities also make this an exceptionally awesome time to visit.

  1. Fall

If pumpkin spike and beautiful scenic fall colors are you thing then this is your city. This time of year you can enjoy lots of October fest beers all while sporting your fashionable fall boots and jackets. This is truly a time to walk the city and see all the amazing colors in Lincoln or Grant Park. This season also kicks off football season for the Chicago Bears and you should definitely take in a game while you are there. You may also enjoy visiting a pumpkin patch and going to a haunted house if you are in the mood for a good scare. You won’t be disappointed spending time here at all this time of year.

Visiting Chicago While On a Budget

There are many options to save a little while you are visiting the city. Take advantage of your hotel points, buy the city pass, stay with a friend and visit museums and tours on their free days. There are many ways to visit on a budget. You can stay further outside the city if you are taking your own vehicle and drive to the nearest train or subway station.


Chicago is vast in size and in scope for the any vacationer or even local. There is so much to do throughout the year that you simply cannot visits just one time. Each season of the year brings its own sense and vibe of the city that often cannot be experienced unless you are there in that season. Icons of music, sports, politics and business all live, visit and perform in Chicago. Many who visit end up wanting to live in this bustling and vibrant mecca of the mid-west.

So what are you waiting for? Get you Chicago adventure on your calendar and go explore.