Motherhood is both a blessing and a responsibility. This is because there are children for you to love and take care of, which will make you worried every quite often especially if you so happen to be away from them.

At the same time, you also have thousands of household chores to mind. These include the sinks which may be full of dirty utensils and cutlery, the full laundry basket, and the various wardrobes which may need to be kept orderly. This is over and above the food that is to be cooked.

Other than these, you may also have your own business to manage or may, in fact, be employed. A combination of these tasks may push you to the wall especially if you lack a planned schedule of activities to guide you through.

Even if you choose to take the multi-tasking path, you still have to put in place an appropriate schedule to guide you through. To be able to do a good job, you, by all means, have to have a strategy.

Some of the things you require to simplify your workload are:

A To-do List

By coming up with a comprehensive to-do list, you will be able to prioritize tasks well. This list will spell out those activities that are more urgent and hence are in need of greater attention. It will also identify those activities that are not so important. The list will further determine those activities which can wait a little longer, and how much time you ought to allocate for each activity. If you have others in your home, the list will also factor them. It will determine the specific tasks these people can help in. Lastly, the list also states when exactly you might need a break.

You should incorporate all the above factors while drafting a to-do list. Such a move will greatly expedite your multi-tasking capability. You should also be flexible as you draft such a list. While at it, do not allow the list to fully control you. Instead, you should make it flexible enough to make room for some added workload, additional companions, fatigue issues, and other forms of emergencies.

Road Map Your Day 

Do put in place a clear road-map as to how you will accomplish the various tasks. You should communicate the same with every member of your household for the sake of warding off unnecessary conflicts and disturbances as you play your roles. For instance, everyone should know the exact time you intend to clean so that they can make prior arrangements to leave the house at such a time. This will give you room to clean your house thoroughly.

The same case should apply to when the laundry ought to be performed. This prevents left-over laundry. In case you have delegated a task to anyone like assigning the washing of utensils to your daughter, let her know exactly when, why, and how she ought to perform the chore.

Avoid Procrastination

In some instances, you might be too lazy to complete your tasks on time. At such times, you will be tempted to push the left-over tasks to the following day. You ought to do what you are capable of doing at the moment. Resist the temptation of wasting time. If you postpone your activities, you will only increase your workload and before you know it, you will find yourself completely overwhelmed. This will put in you in a big mess because you will find yourself with less time at your disposal.

Multitask Simple and Easy Tasks

You are advised to multi-task i.e. handle more than one chore at a time as much as you can. This step reduces your workload considerably. For instance, you may apply your makeup as you feed the kids, washing, drying, and folding your laundry simultaneously, preparing meals as you wash utensils, or brushing your teeth while listening to your favorite music, among others.

Other than this, you may wish to incorporate some fun in the process. You may decide for instance to play around with kids as you clean the house, or teach the kids gardening as you work on it yourself.

Be Disciplined

At times, you will have to compel yourself to perform those chores you ordinarily would not want to. The same case applies to when you feel lazy given that your family depends on it. Perform all chores to the best of your capability. Try also to minimize any repetitions of tasks.

A No Distractions Policy

As you perform your chores, you will receive distractions from all quarters. These could be from your children, pets, guests, or spouses. These distractions slow you down and prevent you from beating deadlines. To go about the issue, avoid speaking on the phone as you do your duties. Just in case you require some extra space while performing these duties, communicate the same to the other occupants of the house. By limiting distractions to the absolute minimum, you will more likely get to complete your chores within the stipulated time-frame more so while multi-tasking.

Work in Small Increments

Avoid the temptation of wanting to complete everything within the shortest time possible. The opposite approach would be too disastrous for you in the long run. Adopt an incremental approach. This means to start out small and then progress slowly but steadily. Adopt just the right pace and you will be pleasantly surprised at just how much you can do in a day.

Find Motivation

Performing the same roles day in day out may become monotonous with time. No matter how much you love your job, you are bound to get bored sooner rather than later. You can, however, counter this boredom by adopting the following approaches:

  • Look out for the light work – Anticipate such interesting times as birthdays, vacations, public holidays when you more likely to rest fully, and night times when you will sleep well with your spouse, and so on.
  • Motivational quotes – The internet is awash with innumerable motivational quotes and allied services. You may seek to leverage them to receive daily motivational quotes to give you inspiration which carries you through the day.
  • Get Moving – Just in case you feel tired, the last thing you can probably think of is getting up quickly and starting to work all over again. However, this approach has been proved to be great at reviving your motivation. As you start to work, your heart will start beating yet again and this will result in more energy on your part, thus reviving you a great deal.
  • Obtain the necessary support – Take the proactive step to inform your mates of how exhausted you are. They will most likely grant you the necessary support you require and in so doing, reduce your workload considerably.
  • Tick the list – As soon as you are done with a particular activity, tick as completed or done. This will confer to you some degree of motivation as you will feel a sense of relief after having accomplished one task for the day.

Set Clear Boundaries

Be certain of how long you should work and how much time you need to set aside for your rest. As soon as you feel worn out, do take some time off your duties. You also have to incorporate lots of multi-tasking to relieve your stress and make your experiences lighter.

Make Time for You

Lastly, you have to set aside some time for yourself. This stems from the fact that you have a life to live, notwithstanding your role as a housewife.

Take a shower, have some time off, watch a movie, take a walk in the neighborhood, all because you truly deserve the very best. Doing these will boost your moods, as overworking leaves you dull and ill-equipped to handle your family chores.


As a mother, you will need to plan for time that requires careful planning and multi-tasking. The decisions you make will also have an impact on your entire household. If you put in practice the aforementioned measures, you may be sure to accrue some fun-filled experiences in your life and the whole family.