Preparing for winter months

Taking the right measures to prepare your home and you vehicles for winter can be quick, easy and rewarding. What is more rewarding is also making sure your family is safe and sound for a great winter season. Winter brings heavy snow falls, rain, power outages and a host of other unforeseen circumstances. This can be a difficult season for just about anyone. So let’s look at some preps for the winter month’s prep and how to survive until the spring season.

Change the Filter in Your Furnace

You may have guessed that this is one of the most important things to keep you family safe and warm. Changing your air filter will keep the air flow efficient and capture harmful dust particles that might cause repertory issues. You family will surely thank you for the extra effort.

While changing the filter can help you also should make sure that you are cleaning the unit thoroughly. You can get dirt and build up on the unit which can hamper its function.  They unit also suffers some wear and tear from heavy use during the winter months. Having it inspected could save you a ton in the long run and prevent outages when you need the system the most.

An annual inspection by a reputable company will make sure the unit works on the very first try. Also remember the company can check both your air heating and cooling units at the same time. So you can get two birds with one stone. Usually this can cost you in between $75 to $200 to winterize your unit.

Keeping the Family Hydrated

Lots of bacteria and viruses can be harmful in a dry state and your immune system can be lowered if you are dehydrated. You will also be more likely to experience a host of other issues if you are not drinking enough water.  When its cold outside your body expends more energy to keep you warm and uses more water which can lead to dehydration.

This can cause you to feel sleepy, hungry, irritated and cause brain fog. So it should be at the very top of your list not just in the winter months. But many would argue that the issue can arise in a less obvious way in winters because the cold can hide your body releasing water.

You don’t want to feel dizzy and have false hunger so always carry enough water with you and sip on it all day. A good trick to help boost your immune system and help burn some fat is to throw a couple lemon wedges in your water bottle.  Also try and not get thirsty to stay in front of staying hydrated in the long winter months.

Boots, Hats, Scarves, Gloves, Coats and Ear Muffs Oh Dear!

With the cold comes the need for the proper winter gear. If your family is not warm it can be uncomfortable and can bring on sickness such as cold or flu. When our body temperature drops our bodies work harder to keep us warm. This can lower your immunity to bacteria and viruses.

So have fun with the cold weather gear. Think of it as suiting up for the winter with your parka and wind resistant gloves. Just be sure to check and makes sure they are all the same sizes so things are not too tight. We must also advocate for one essential piece of winter clothing. A scarf! This can cover your head, neck and chest when needed and really does a great job of insulating your warmth.

Remember that your family can always layer their clothing items which are best if you live in all four seasons. In fall you need light weight clothing like hoodies and scarfs and some warm pants. But in winter is likely you will need a coat and gloves over those items. So you can always dress in layers to make sure you are ready for a slight warm up or chill down in those months.

Keep Moving and Keep Eating Fruits and Vegetables

Keeping your exercise going on a regular basis will help you to maintain a healthy immune system and well, keep you fit through all those turkey day stuffing and potatoes. In the cold you may find your muscles getting a little stiff or tight. When you keep moving it will keep them in a warmed up state as to reduce the chances of injury.

You can go for winter walks, treadmill or elliptical trainer or do body weight exercises. Oh and don’t forget the gym is always an option although many don’t like to venture out in the cold. But staying active and move are just as important as eating healthy.

Fruits and vegetables will help fortify your immune system to fight off the flu and cold seasons. You don’t want to just eat a little bit but at least five servings of fruits and veggies per day. You will not just stave off getting sick but you will also have more energy and feel better overall with a balanced diet.


Have fun with your family. The winter is great for outdoors activities that are great for the soul and can bring the family together. Enjoy the holidays and create those wonderful winters’ moments that everyone will enjoy over and over again.